Creation of new "Value"
by state-of-the-art technology

Humans have evolved through their use of technology. New technology enables humans to accomplish what was once impossible, which creates true value. QONECT has achieved “accurate information tracking” through a combination of cutting-edge AI technology and attribution functionality. As a result, we have been able to find new economic value in information that until now has been considered disposable. In our increasingly information-dominated society, advanced solutions that can identify information that has real value have the potential to change the world.

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At QONECT AI LABO, we provide effective AI technology for the purpose of supporting people’s economic activities that aims to bring about societal improvements, through our research on big data acquisition technology and the technology to analyze it. The research we perform at at QONECT AI LABO is primarily concentrated around the following three areas:


AI that supports and replaces human labor (Image recognition/processing, word recognition, natural language processing)

Through image recognition, categorizing language through character recognition, and natural language processing, we offer AI that can automatically recognize and sort the special qualities of language.


Natural AI (Behavior analysis, emotional analysis, attribution, recommendations)

We provide AI that supports human economic activity, without revealing itself to be AI, based on a variety of information taken from daily activities.


AI that performs functions that humans cannot (big data analysis)

There is a limit to the volume and content of data that humans are capable of handling. By having AI process this information, it is possible to grasp phenomena and provide new functionality that would be impossible for humans.

Reserch & Development

Natural language processing (LSTM)

By using Natural Language Processing for various type of SNSs, it is possible to distinguish the type and properties of different content.

Image recognition (CNN)

Through the use of image recognition technology, it is possible to distinguish the subject matter of attached images included in content. In this way, additional information can be added and better classifications can be made together with the above mentioned information sorted with natural language processing.

Behavior analysis

In terms of data contributed to SNSs, it is possible to gauge people’s behavior by analyzing chronological information such as when, who, how, and how long a platform was used, and what they did afterward.


We are seeking talent who can challenge new things and share vision and passion

QONECT AI LABO is looking to recruit partners in order to further realize our vision. We are looking for people who are fascinated by technology, those who want to grow together with a small organization, and who are passionate. To everyone who fits this description, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Data engineering

Python programming
Web application(HTML, CSS, JS,etc)

Data scientist

Statistical foundation
Data classification
Language processing, image processing (audio processing)
Deep learning framework
(TensorFlow, Keras, Chainer等)

Infra / Database

Linux server environment construction(CentOS系、Debian系)
Database construction / design(MySQL、PostgreSQL等)
Distributed processing environment construction.(Hadoop等)
Log collection tools.(Fluentd等)
Other Middleware(Nginx, KVS等)

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